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Are you looking for highly qualified specialists and need assistance with it? We have suitable solutions for you in the fields of Recruiting, Active Sourcing, Headhunting, RPO and Interim Management.


LAS Recruitment is supporting you in a target-oriented way, beginning with the step of creating a job profile, across the selection process, up to the candidate’s onboarding. Our team of Active Sourcers are working fast and directly for your company.

LAS Recruitment – Your Expert for Staff Recruitment:

We offer Recruiting, Active Sourcing, Headhunting, RPO & Interim Recruitment in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries.

Are you looking for suitable specialists for your company and don’t want to leave the staffing to chance? Do you want a real expert by your side, so that top candidates will become part of your team? Congratulations: Your search is over because we can support your recruiting in a target-oriented, fast and flexible way — and in particular we support you directly.


Who Are We?


We are a team of professional Recruiters and Active Sourcers.

Because of our long-time experience and our solid training for recruitment, we can prove ourselves as a valued partner for countless companies.

Before founding LAS Recruitment, we not only acquired tremendous expertise but also developed definite instincts for different aspects of recruiting by working for the top 10 companies for Headhunting and Human Resources Consulting. Still, we don’t rest on our knowledge and experiences. Our team regularly participates in training and seminars for further development and to always be up-to-date. 
Our team of Recruiters specializes in the identification and approach of qualified candidates as well as the actual filling of the vacancy. For that we accompany you in a professional way beginning with creating the job profile, publishing the vacancy, and through the whole process of sourcing up to the filling of the vacancy. Due to our expertise it is not necessary to leave the field to Staff Consultants or Headhunters, who interpose Active Sourcers for the recruiting. It is essential to have wide knowledge to choose and approach your suitable candidates and it is not sufficient to use overcharged tools. On the contrary, if the candidate is not convinced, the opportunity of working together is wasted. At LAS Recruitment, we offer you the whole service without intermediate steps. As a result, we save you from overcharged fees, the chain of action gets shorter and you will have your vacancies filled with ideal candidates quicker. To reach out to suitable candidates, we work with a combination of the classical direct approach, also “Headhunting” or “Direct Search”, and the use of digital sources such as social media. This method combines the advantages of both resources to create a successful concept. To look for qualified candidates “offline” as well as “online” gives us the largest flexibility when recruiting for you. Cooperation with LAS Recruitment is possible for the short-term as well as for the long-term. Our areas of expertise are not only hard-to-fill vacancies but also the continuous collaboration. If you want to outsource your department for recruiting and if you want to rely on a professional business partner, we’ll gladly undertake the challenging task of recruitment for you.

What We Stand For

Speed, Flexibility, Trust and Mutual Support — These Are Our Guidelines

A shortage of specialists is present in countless companies, which also changes the job-hunting process. Many candidates can freely choose their position or the desired company because of their training or experience. For you as a businessman or businesswoman, the following aspect is therefore even more important: To win qualified staff over, you must present them an offer which is as attractive as possible. As a result, you get a distinct competitive advantage over other companies who are not yet acting with the appropriate foresight.

This is the point at which LAS Recruitment becomes a gain for you. With a lot of experience, sure instincts and know-how, we take care of the optimal filling of your vacancies and we ensure you top candidates for the particular area of expertise. Don’t let chance decide over who will help your company to success!

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