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Coaching For Job Interviews
with LAS Recruitment

Are you an expert or a manager and looking for a new job? Then soon a job interview will be on your agenda. You have to convince the HR manager about yourself and create a sound basis for negotiations. Together, with our team at LAS Recruitment, you can prepare yourself for the personal conversation in order to perform in a sovereign and self-confident way. We offer you a professional coaching for job interviews matching your needs – completely individualised and goal-oriented.

Coaching for Job Interviews:

Due to our many years of experience in working within the branch for staff recruitment, we know exactly what matters most during your job interview. Our LAS recruitment team has conducted or accompanied countless amounts of personal interviews over time. We would like to share this knowledge with you and prepare yourself in the best way for this day.

Is your knowledge beyond question? Maybe so, but now it is all about you and your personality. Many employers aim at long term collaborations with their staff. That’s why they attach importance to a team which is not only professional but a team that can also harmonize together. The better the interaction between each other is, the more productive each individual employee performs.

LAS RECRUITMENT - Bewerbungsgespräch

This is your chance to not only score with your professional qualifications but also with a professional and likeable appearance. There are some questions aimed to challenge you that occur again and again in a job interview. You can prepare for these situations and train your answers with LAS Recruitment. Your self-confidence will be strengthened and you will learn to present yourself so that your personality and your competent statements come into their own.

HR managers are trained to read the whole body language of candidates and to put attention on small utterances through facial expressions and gestures. That is the reason why many candidates are nervous and tension makes them insecure.

If you want to avoid this and if you want to present your personality in a positive light, our coaching can really pay off for you. Among other hints, LAS Recruitment gives you important tips on how you can make your body language statements match your actual statements. We introduce you to possible questions of your potential employer to give you more security and to encourage your overall confident performance.

LAS Recruitment is your professional partner for preparing you for your next job interview. We only charge a small fee and of course we issue a transparent bill beforehand.

With us, your search is over!

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