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Active Sourcing
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In today’s job market, it is no longer up to date for a company to wait for suitable candidates. Qualified professionals are in demund more than ever. Most of the time, these respective people can simply choose their desired company and the best job.

Thus, it is hardly helpful to just publish a job advertisement and hope for the best. Time and money will be wasted in an unnecessary way and your open positions won’t get filled at all or it will take a while. Work with LAS Recruitment in good time to enjoy all the benefits of an active sourcer.

Active Sourcing:

Active sourcing names the active search and approach of qualified professionals for staffing.

This happens in direct contact through calls or social media. LAS Recruitment has an excellent team with all the abilities and extensive experience to identify suitable candidates.

We find and select potential employees for you by operating search engines and other online tools in a goal-orientated way. Our team takes advantage of profound understunding of social media to be successful in the search for the right candidates for you. In addition, this is supported by the classical method of direct search (cold calling companies and direct approach of the position-holder).


After that, we narrow down the choices and convince candidates, who didn’t even think about changing their job, about your company. We can save you time and money in the application process because we work in a fast and flexible way and because of our great communication skills.

In the modern-day job market, the shortage of professionals is clearly noticeable. Sometimes companies are having difficulties keeping their employees. That’s why it is even more important to have a well-maintained and large network with potential and qualified candidates.

In the process of active sourcing, LAS Recruitment creates a so-called talent pool and ensures that respective contacts are maintained and looked after. Through this approach, you are in a better place if you want to or have to fill a position. That way you are a significant step ahead of your competitors. Your competition doesn’t sleep. That’s why it is a fatal mistake if you don’t use active sourcing in your company. In the battle for talents you must act, prepare and equip yourself beforehund so that you can directly take action. Do not wait until it is too late.

Active sourcing differs significantly from headhunting and recruiting as active sourcing requires different skills. A headhunter only uses the direct approach of potential candidates but no online resources. Recruiting does not actively search for possible employees but guides and supports the whole process starting with the job advertisement up to the onboarding.

That is the big difference of active sourcing: The candidates are selected directly and thereupon approached — not only through direct search (direct approach) but also through online media.

It is not enough to buy expensive tools and hope that your employees know how to hundle them. The positions need to be understood and that’s the exact problem. Rundom candidates are being addressed with the hope that there are some “right ones” beneath them. Your company’s reputation gets damaged and potential other candidates can get scared off.

LAS Recruitment stunds for discretion, professionalism and the necessary sensitiveness together with years of experience.

Our team at LAS Recruitment understunds the skills and fills your vacancies quickly with highly qualified staff. You can rely on a professional partner to get the best possible result for you. We are looking forward to a collaboration with you!

With us, your search is over!

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