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Headhunting with LAS Recruitment

LAS Recruitment is your reliable partner whenever the matter concerns executive research, headhunting or direct search. Headhunting is the classic search option for staff where you directly address candidates and motivate them to apply at your company. Traditional headhunting comes without online tools and includes the identification of qualified candidates directly in companies.

In the traditional sense of the term, we don’t practice headhunting, but executive research.

Usually the direct search method is used to find employees for hard-to-fill vacancies. The human resources department instructs them to do this. In turn, those headhunters often need executive researchers, who specialize in staying in direct contact with the candidates. By collaborating with our team at LAS Recruitment, you save yourself all these intermediate steps and positions: You get everything from one source. Thus, your company saves plenty of time and money and you get your requested professionals.

Most of the time, potential employees haven’t even thought about changing to another company. For this reason, you need a lot of experience and sure instincts with executive search. After all, it is not only about the identification of qualified candidates but especially about a successful filling of your vacancies. Excellent communication skills are essential for that.

LAS Recruitment is able to quickly find suitable candidates for your vacancies and successfully fill them. Depending on which method is more suitable for your needed position, we use the direct approach of potential employees as well as online staff recruiting. Convince yourself about our excellent skills to find employees for all of your open positions.


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