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Especially in times of a crisis, the chance of using interim management is a great benefit for your company: profit losses are minimized or even avoided. Interim managers can be deployed in various positions, such as bridging for staff absences or for project-related work with partially tedious tasks. Temporary managers are often deployed to ease restructurings in a company or to sidestep personnel shortages.

By using interim management, you save yourself from a long search for qualified experts.

The training period is particularly short because we find for you managers who are experts in the needed area of expertise. Thus, you have more time to find suitable staff and you can avoid cost-intensive gaps through unfilled positions.

In times of a shortage of professionals, it is a great alternative to use interim managers to consult a specialist for the needed project as well. This applies especially if the position isn’t supposed to be filled long-term. An argument for that could be that this vacancy is only needed for the foreseeable future. Therefore, the personnel capacities don’t need to be consumed long-term. The collaboration is temporary until either a suitable candidate for the open position is found or the project-related work is completed.

In no time, LAS Recruitment offers you a professional filling of your vacancy with a suitable interim manager. Because of many years of work in the area of staff recruiting, we can develop an extensive network. It doesn’t matter for which branch or at which location in Germany, Austria or Switzerland you are in need of an interim manager: We promptly find a suitable candidate for you.

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