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Chemical Industry

LAS- Recruitment accompanies you in the search for staff in the chemical industry with great skills. We have seen that for several years, the lack of specialists in the chemistry field is soberingly high. According to the Federal Labour Office, since 2017 more than 50 percent of chemical professions belong to so-called bottleneck professions.

This statistic shows that finding a candidate at all for the open position is challenging enough.

For that reason a suitable personnel consultation and active sourcing have become indispensable when looking to employ within this field. Trust our extensive experience and our network, so that your company has enough qualified staff. You’ll receive a significant advantage compared to your competition if you rely on a personnel consultation in collaboration with LAS- Recruitment for the long term.

We create and maintain a talent pool for you. In case of new open vacancies, you’ll already have a good amount of potential candidates to choose from and get you started with. We’ll make your desired candidate a convincing offer that’ll have them switching to your company in no time.

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Our Fields:

Personnel consultation in the field of biochemistry – is it necessary? Yes, indeed!

The biochemistry industry is particularly extensive. Countless lines of business are conceivable for biochemists. It can be really challenging to filter out a suitable candidate for your company. LAS- Recruitment supports you with the direct search and active recruiting of suitable experts.

Working in the field of biochemistry offers various fields of work, such as classical laboratory work, teaching as a lecturer, working in sales and many more. That’s the reason why it is so important to find suitable candidates for your company, and to motivate them into submitting their CV.

Ultimately, the requirements of each individual field is crucial, because new personnel should perfectly fit your company. Even if you have found the perfect lecturer, it doesn’t mean that you have found the best candidate for your required laboratory work.

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