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Civil Engineering

Among the construction trade there is a clearly noticeable lack of professionals as well. With LAS- Recruitment, you are heading for a future with the best and most qualified personnel. Our active sourcers, recruiters and personnel consultants are committed to a fast filling of your needed positions. Thereby you receive a significant advantage compared to your competitors, because you’ll receive professional employees in a timely manner.

Unfortunately the image of the construction industry suffered recently and became less attractive for many graduates. Though we understand that qualified personnel is always needed. You can benefit from collaborating with LAS- Recruitment for both the short-term and long-term, receiving supportive consultation in the field of human resources (HR).

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Our successfully mediated Fields


Plant construction and mechanical engineering

Doctors, clinics and the health sector


Construction Industry

Civil Engineering


Chemical Industry

Printing and packaging

Electrical Industry

Energy Business And Energy Industry

Disposal and recycling


financial system

Research & Development

Beverages industry

Glass & Ceramics

Trading Sector



debt collection


Plastic Industry

Food Industry

Logistics Sector


Media Sector

Medical Technology And Medical Products

Metal Industry

mineral oil


Pharmaceutical Industry And Healthcare

Tax advice, auditing, lawyer


textile industry

Publisher, Advertising Agency, Marketing

Tool Construction

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