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Providing Freelancers with LAS Recruitment

Do you have a specific project and need the broad expertise of a competent freelancer for it? Some plans require the experience or knowledge of a specialist. Those professionals can pass on their knowledge to you and accompany your organization for some time in an intensive and professional way.

Providing Freelancers:

Depending on how extensive your project is, a collaboration with a freelancer for the longer term can be necessary as well. Regardless of the needed period of time and the branch, we can find a suitable associate for you.

The team at LAS Recruitment has a broad network of professionals in different branches such as in the sectors of IT, logistics, automotive, machine construction, commerce, engineering and many more. We are searching for you to find an expert for your company as quickly as possible.


If you’re struggling to find highly qualified professionals, projects that require an external employee can get behind schedule. A lot of unnecessary time can pass until a suitable candidate is found, which can cause your project to standstill. This costs time and money. Apart from that, resources for staff recruitment have to be available, which may be needed more elsewhere. At this certain point, we are coming into play. The team at LAS Recruitment deals with all tasks around recruiting a suitable freelancer. That means you can concentrate on the important duties in your company and quickly get a qualified candidate.

With us, your search is over!

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