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The main task of recruiting is to advise the individual departments of your company. A recruiter supports you with the job advertisement, selecting suitable candidates, conducting job interviews including negotiating meetings and the assistance of employees.


Our recruiters ensure that you get a wide range of qualified candidates by utilizing their skills in a goal-oriented way: not only with digital media, but also in the classical staffing with direct search or headhunting.

This is the big difference between headhunters and recruiters. Headhunters and direct searchers don’t use any online resources for staff recruitment. Often they need additional employees to actually fill the open vacancies. On the contrary, recruiting combines the advantages of both online as well as offline staff recruitment. This unique way of working leads to high success rates of LAS Recruitment.


Recruiting shouldn’t be mixed up with active sourcing as well. In contrast to active sourcers, a recruiter doesn’t search actively for candidates. A recruiter’s core competency lies in the selection and advice with regard to potential employees. The whole application process is paramount: starting with phrasing the job advertisement, followed by job interviews up to onboarding.

It is necessary to have excellent communication skills to carry out all these tasks in a goal-orientated and successful way. LAS Recruitment provides you, in a fast and flexible manner, with the highest qualified recruiter. This ensures that your open vacancies can be filled with suitable candidates as fast as possible. We motivate potential employees to apply for the desired position in your company. We do this on a project-related basis. That means that we recruit staff in a target-orientated way for your required positions.

Our experienced team regularly takes part in training to continuously improve their expertise. Our priority lies in constantly using the best strategies to quickly find suitable candidates for you. With LAS Recruitment, you have a professional business partner on your side who you can rely on.

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