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RPO / Recruitment Process Outsourcing with LAS Recruitment

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) refers to an external recruiting department. The special feature of a cooperation with LAS Recruitment is full discretion: If you wish, we can act under your name and nobody will recognize that you hired an external associate for your recruitment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

There are many good reasons for outsourcing your recruiting department. Perhaps the most important reasons are saving time and specialized staff.

Because of RPO, you have more time and capacities which you can use for important internal projects.

Maybe you don’t even have optimal staff for this task at the moment. Our team supports you in a professional way and without a long training period. You decide whether you want to outsource the whole department or just parts of it.


We represent you in all topics around the subjects “Recruiting” and “Active Sourcing” in close collaboration with your specialist departments: from creating the requirement profile, to the job advertisement and application process up to the assistance of your new employees. A takeover of the complete application process is possible as well, including conducting job interviews and negotiating meetings as well as selecting potential employees. For successful onboarding, we use relevant job portals, social media and a direct approach of potential candidates for your vacancies.


Cooperation is not only possible over a short period but is best for the long term. Everything remains in one hund, starting with the administration up to the onboarding. As a result, you save unnecessary extra costs and time. You won’t need management staff for this task and thus, you don’t have additional salaries or incidental wage costs. Hence you and your staff can completely concentrate on your core business again.


In the long run we are developing a “talent-pool” for you from which you can draw from in due course. Our team not only deals with near-term staffing but also with long-term maintenance of your database including your contacts.


By collaborating with LAS Recruitment, you benefit from our enormous pool of experience and expertise as well as from fast and flexible recruiting processes. We are immediately ready for cooperation to strengthen your company from the inside.

With us, your search is over!

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